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Competition Clutch Kit: White Bunny Upgrade: Nissan 240SX / 280z [6055-2-STK]

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Competition Clutch Kit White Bunny Upgrade: Nissan 240SX / 280Z [6055-2-STK]

White Bunny? The "White Bunny Special" was first created by realizing that KA24 engines come stock with a 225mm clutch surface area, but using parts from other Nissans will allow one to run a 250mm clutch, which by logic gives more area for the clutch to grab onto thus reducing the chance of slippage.

The clutch kit uses an OEM style 250mm pressure plate along with a full-faced OEM style sprung disc. Pairing things nicely with the clutch kit is also a lightened flywheel that enhances your revs as well. Together the kit is stated to hold about 400 horsepower. The flywheel weighs about 18 pounds while the clutch kit assembly comes in at 35 pounds.

The Competition Clutch Stage 2 - Street Series 2100 Clutch Kit provides approximately 80% increase in torque capacity and is properly suited for aggressive street use and moderate track use. The Carbon Kevlar material with its alloy backing matched to a performance pressure plate will provide smooth engagement and extended life. A 500-mile break-in is highly recommended with this set-up.

The 2100 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a high torque sprung disc with antiburst steel backed Carbon Kevlar facings, all applicable bearings, and the appropriate alignment tool.


  • Pressure plate
  • Clutch disc
  • Pilot bearing
  • Alignment tool
  • Flywheel


Make Model Trim Year
Nissan 240SX KA Motor Only 1989 - 1998
Nissan 280Z 1975 - 1983