Invidia Test Pipe: Honda Civic 96-00 60mm [HS96HC2TPP]

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Invidia Test Pipe: Honda Civic 96-00 60mm [HS96HC2TPP]

A test pipe, also known as a cat delete (catalytic delete pipe) is the least expensive way to add the most exhaust flow by removing the most restrictive area of your exhaust - the catalytic converter.   Invidia has developed this high quality test pipe from polished stainless steel with a welded o2 sensor bung for vehicles that had an o2 sensor in their factory catalytic converter.

Invidia test pipes are constructed for the serious automotive enthusiast. The factory catalytic converter is basically a screen that heats up to burn off excess fuel. This screen also slows down exhaust flow, chokes off your engine, and reduces noise. Replacing the factory unit with Invidia’s test pipe is yet another important step toward maximizing exhaust flow and performance. Invidia’s test pipe replaces the factory unit with free flowing, strait through unrestricted pipe to completely maximize performance.


  • Fits Coupe/Sedan
  • 60mm Test Pipe (Cat Delete)

Invidia Test Pipe Features:

  • Stainless steel and precision TIG welded
  • Increases power by removing catalytic converter
  • Significantly improves exhaust flow and reduces back pressure and restriction
  • Includes a welded o2 bung on required applications
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation
  • Off Road Use Only


Make Model Trim Year
Honda Civic (2-Door/4-Door) 1996 - 2000