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Yonaka Spec 1 Coilovers: Honda CR-V 96-01 [YMTC016]

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Yonaka Spec 1 Coilovers: Honda CR-V 96-01 [YMTC016]

Yonaka Motorsports street coilovers for all 1996-2001 Honda CR-V's. Designed for street driven vehicles including occasional track days, these coilovers will greatly improve the look, feel, cornering ability, and overall maneuverability of your vehicle. 


  • ~3-4" height adjustment travel
  • Fully threaded mono tube shock absorber
  • Inner bump stop to prevent damage caused by rapid compression impacts
  • Wide range of height adjustment without changing the spring compression
  • Bottom of the shock is threaded to allow height adjustments without having to shorten the suspension travel
  • Rubber dust shield protecting piston for long life
  • Adjustment tools included

Spring Rates:

  • Front springs: 12kg/mm
  • Rear springs: 6kg/mm


  • ***Please note that these coilovers will lower the vehicle only, and will not sit at factory ride height***