Enkei TS9 Wheel: 18x8 5x108 45mm Offset (Bore Black)

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Clean. Simple. Effective. We kept these three elements at heart when de- signing the TS9. The TS9’s lines are clean with nothing unnecessary added. The spokes and center of the TS9 also keep this philosophy. With simple contours and equally simple side-cuts, the spokes fold into a deep center to evoke a sense of elegance. Most importantly, the TS9 achieves its real-world effectiveness through its MAT construction, which makes the wheel both light and strong. The TS9 comes standard with Enkei’s signature flat center cap, which is the perfect finishing touch.


  • Sizes 17 & 18 Inch
  • Available In Platinum Gray, Matte Black, Matte Silver
  • Spec-E Inspected
  • MAT Technology