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Megan Racing H Brace: Lexus IS300 01-05 (Front) [SB-HBLI01-F]

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Megan Racing H Brace: Lexus IS300 01-05 (Front) [SB-HBLI01-F]

This Megan Racing H-Brace is designed to tie key areas of your chassis together to prevent them from flexing in on each other.  This unwanted flex degrades handling, acceleration and braking.  By keeping your chassis from flexing, you are allowing all suspension components to work as designed with out an extra undo stress.  This brace ties the key areas that undergo the most amount of flex.  These braces are highly recommended for cars with aftermarket suspension components.

This h-brace attaches under the front half of the vehicle.  Expect the brace to require about 2" of ground clearance. 

Megan Racing H Brace Features:

  • Connects at crucial points
  • Occupies about 2" of ground clearance
  • Proven to stiffen chassis and improve performance


  • Must remove or modify undertray
  • Available in Red only