NCY CDI Unrestricted No Rev-Limit: Honda Ruckus

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The NCY CDI is the part needed to give you the extra power needed for your Honda Ruckus. The NCY CDI will removed the rev limiter from the OEM CDI. 

No matter how many other upgrades you do, your original electrical equipment is holding you back. When you're starting off with performance upgrades, we always recommend the variator and CDI as your first upgrades. The CDI will release you from the pre-programmed electrical restrictions, and the variator will help you tune the CVT transmission to improve acceleration and top speed!


Installation Notes:

  • Yellow and orange wire need to be connect to the coil (coil to the orange and yellow to the OEM wire).
  • Blue wire connects to the ''service'' plug.
  • Red wire is useless.
  • Red and green plug need to be connect to the other connector supply with the CDI. The green to the battery negative (-) and the red to the red/green wire. This wire is connecting to the starter relay. You can use the blue crimp plastic part include in the kit.
** Please note that the NCY CDI cannot work without the OEM CDI. You must keep both!**