Soft99: Wheel Dust Blocker

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Wheel Dust Blocker
Another piece of cutting edge technology from Japan based on the same nanotechnology used on the Glaco mirror zero.
After coated with wheel dust blocker – brake dust and mud will not be able to stick onto the surface of the wheels!*, which means it will keep your wheels cleaner for longer!
Manufacturer claim 2.5 months and 621 miles durability (Base on Japan driving habits) Please note that it does not mean it will be not effective after 1000 miles in 1 month.
The 200ml product could be enough to cover 8-12 wheels depends on the pattern of the wheels

Please note that after coated, there are certain conditions to be followed in order to stay effective:
  • Strictly no touching coated surface after product use
  • Do not use any snow foam or high pressure washer to spray directly (we suggest to mask up the alloys when washing)
  • Certain type of wheels are not effective such as Aluminum. Steel magnesium type, coated with plating layer (Black, white)
What does it comes with?
  • 200ml spray can brake dust blocker
  • A pack of compound tissue (8 pieces)
How to use?
  • Please clean the wheel first
  • Rinse and dry completely
  • Use the included compound tissue as a surface preparation
  • Spray evenly and thinly to the wheels, do not repeat on the same area, no buffing is needed
  • If there is a white surface or haze that appears on the wheels – it will disappear when it drys
  • Do not overspray as it will leave a white haze on the wheel (can be wiped off)
  • Best to wipe off immediately if there is any accumulation of the liquid at the bottom part of the wheels.
  • Allow 20min in the summer to cure or 60min to cure in winter
  • Please use in a well ventilated space
  • Use as intended
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or immediately after driving when the wheels are hot
  • Flammable – please keep away from direct sunlight
  • Please keep out of reach of children