Weapon-R Check Engine Light Eliminator: Honda/Acura/Scion [963-111-102]

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The Weapon-R Check Engine Light Eliminator allows for you to get rid of your check engine light that is caused by a high flow exhaust system or an exhaust system with an upgraded or removed catalytic converter.  The factory o2 sensor (oxygen sensor) is designed to trigger a check engine light if it detects more exhaust flow than what the stock exhaust system should flow.  By spacing the o2 sensor away from the path of the exhaust flow, the Weapon-R check engine light eliminator helps to make the o2 sensor think the exhaust has less flow than it really does.

Note: This will eliminate the check engine light only it the secondary o2 sensor (the oxygen sensor after the catalytic converter) is throwing a check engine light due to a faulty catalytic converter.


  • Fits most applications with a standard size oxygen sensor.
  • Includes installation instructions.
  • Easy to install and highly recommended
  • Off Road Use Only